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Big dead tree

Golem and Rocks

Raft Mountain

Raft Mountain

Boulder field below Raft


Dogs and Boulders

Monashees in distance

Happy dogs

Amy and Golem climbing

Trophy ridge and Chalet

Amy and demonic Golem

Raft Mountain

View to Trophies

Amy and Golem

Amy, Golem, and Ursa crossing slope

Ursa crossing slope below glacier

Amy and Golem crossing slope

Ursa and Golem in alpine meadow

Ursa at glacier's edge

Ursa at glacier's edge

Ursa trotting through alpine meadow

Golem, Ursa, and Amy taking a break

More of Raft Mountain

Raft peaks

Amy, Ursa, and Golem descending

Spot the Marmot

Helpful sign

Back at the road

Black Bear by roadside

Black Bear by roadside

Silvertip falls